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Important Lake Tapps Update:
Lake Tapps Improvement Projects Progressing

Cascade Water Alliance announces that its major rehabilitation activities along the entire White River Lake Tapps project to update, improve, and enhance the system are underway and ahead of schedule. 

This summer, Cascade began an overhaul of the entire system, eventually bringing the lake down to elevation 500 feet above sea level to perform critical tasks including sediment removal from the flowline; replacing and refurbishing the headgates; replacing the last remaining sections of the timber flume (2,300 feet) with a concrete flume; Dike 3 seismic improvements and stopping seepage; inspecting and repairing the tunnel intake, tunnel, forebay, and penstocks; and inspecting and repairing the powerhouse relief valves. An assessment is being done of the lower conveyance system that brings water from the lake to the powerhouse below on East Valley Highway and back into the White River. Once that assessment is complete, necessary improvements can be made. The lake then will be refilled in time for summer recreation.

 Cascade appreciates the patience and understanding of the community during this time. With the progress Cascade is making it appears that the lake may be refilled on a fairly normal schedule this spring. Overall, this effort will result in a healthier lake that can be operated more efficiently and safely, and can be refilled with more reliability each spring. Normal refill is between 541.5 and 543 feet. With these improvements Lake Tapps will have stable recreational levels for the next 30 years.

 At times during the improvement project, the lake bed is visible and in many instances accessible. Cascade owns the lake bed and, while the public is allowed to recreate on the waters of Lake Tapps, the public is not allowed on the lake bed for any reason. Anyone on the lake bed is trespassing. Access to the lake bed on foot, with all terrain and other vehicles is strictly prohibited. Pierce County Sheriff and Bonney Lake Police officers will be patrolling to enforce against trespassing occurrences. The lake bed may have areas of instability, stumps and other protrusions, and soft areas where individuals and vehicles might be injured or become stuck. Parents should advise their children to stay out of the lake bed. In an emergency, call 911.

 For more information and to see pictures of the improvement project visit



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