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Important Lake Tapps Update: 
No ATV Trespassing on Lake Bed Measures Will be Enforced

The White River Lake Tapps improvement projects are underway, and the lake is on its way down to historic low levels to allow Cascade to inspect, assess and fix all conveyances and systems. 

This means the lake bed is visible and in many instances accessible.  Cascade owns the lake bed and, while the public is allowed to recreate on the waters of Lake Tapps, the public is not allowed on the lake bed for any reason. 

Anyone on the lake bed is trespassing.  Access to the lake bed on foot, with all-terrain and other vehicles is strictly prohibited.  Law enforcement officers will be patrolling to enforce against trespassing occurrences. 

The lake bed may have areas of instability, stumps and other protrusions, and soft areas where individuals and vehicles might be injured or become stuck.  Parents should advise their children to stay out of the lake bed.  In an emergency, call 911.

“We have had two safe summers without drownings.  This is because the community has worked hard to make the public aware of dangers,” Joe Mickelson, Cascade’s Lake Tapps Operation Manager. “This issue is no less dangerous and Cascade will work with the law enforcement officers and Lake Tapps community to keep people out of the lake bed while the lake is down.” 

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